Has been designed to enable structured progression for amateur riders in the early stages of their equestrian development.

"IPRASM" consists of a series of six levels of achievement. Each level has a Riding Certificate and a Stable Management Certificate. Levels one to three Stable Management can be taught as part of a riding lesson. Levels four to six Stable Management requires specific coaching.
There are additional Certificates that can be gained at level six in Jumping and Competing.

For each certificate there is a "test card" that shows all of the performance criteria required (the things you have to be able to do)in order to gain the certificate.

Riders are assessed by their Coach or Instuctor during their training sessions, and the test cards are signed by the Coach when the rider has achieved the level and therefore the performance criteria has been fullfilled.

Coaches or Instuctors must be qualified by a National Equestrian Federation or hold an International Equestrian Passport, or work in a Riding Centre that is approved by a National Equestrian Federation in order to sign "test cards".

Once all of the performance criteria on any of the individual test cards have been achieved then a certificate is awarded. Cloth badges are also available for successful riders to use on their clothing.

An "IPRASM" pack is a folder containing all of the "test cards" for all of the levels. Riders can gain achievements from any of the cards, in any order.